5 Things I’ve Learnt on the Surf Adventure of a Lifetime13 weeks in South Africa and Mozambique

Monica Lewis

3 years ago in News

Surf Coaching is Priceless

At a young age I had surf lessons, but at some stage I decided that I could just teach myself. Its not untrue that this is possible but the progression you can see when a coach is helping you is astronomical. In and out of water coaching as well as video analysis allows the breakdown of your strengths, weaknesses and targets. Waves that would have been daunting are now exciting, maneuvers and turns have started to make sense and I don’t hate lefts as much as I used to.

A Bad in the Surf Day is still better than a good day doing almost anything else

As frustrating as it is to have a bad surf day, they’re just as necessary as the days where you catch countless waves and master new turns. By paddling out on a day where the conditions aren’t great you’ll be practicing other important skills like paddling, duck diving, positioning and catching trickier waves. All water time is important water time. It also makes you appreciate those perfect, clean peelers when they do come.

It’s important to explore

It was incredible to see the diversity around South Africa’s coastline. Each spot feels like a new adventure, from the energetic feel of Muizenberg, to the peaceful emptiness of Chinsta. Or learning to surf a variety of breaks in Jbay to practicing my backhand at the left hander in Coffee Bay. Every location gave something different to myself and the group, whether it be the waves, people or an escape into nature.

Remember to Rest

This was mostly learnt in Mozambique. Its important to push yourself but your body also needs time to recover. Mozambique was the perfect place to do this, sitting in the sun for hours just being amazed by all the beauty around you, after a sick surf session at the point of course. Or on a rest day you could go on a safari, jump down a waterfall or throw yourself out of a plane.

There’s Nothing Better Than a Surf Friend

Having a ready made group of surf buddies was one of my favorite things about the trip. You all have one important thing in common, stoke for the sea. Over the 13 weeks traveling you share some epic highs and experiences. How many people can say they bungee jumped 216m off a bridge with people they met a couple weeks before? You become each other cheerleaders, companions and family.