Banyak Islands Wave GuideWhat are the waves like in Paradise?

Lucy Theobald

3 years ago in Adventure

‘Banyak’ means ‘many’ in Indonesian and the place is certainly aptly named given the abundance of class waves on offer.

This paradisiacal tropical island chain in North Sumatra boasts azure waters, glittering coral reefs and uncrowded lineups. Far less visited than its southern neighbours Nias and the Mentawais, the Banyak Islands retain their sense of mystery and adventure. The whole region is a swell magnet. Add in the luxury of a private boat which can arrive at the best spots in time for breakfast, scoring epic waves becomes inevitable.

We have left the waves unnamed out of respect, but also because many of the spots actually remain nameless.

Wave A

Lucky fella finding some treasure in the middle of nowhere

One of Indonesia’s best right-hand point breaks, this wave is truly world-class and the possibility of multiple barrel sections makes for an enthralling ride. When you’re done sheltering from the sun, emerge onto a perfectly rippable face to work on your tan. The wave runs for several hundred meters and will be high on your priority list.

Wave B

Ergh ma gawd

When the swell gets big and is too much for Wave A to handle, a couple of hundred meters on the inside this gem should start working. A more playful wave this right is a good option on those mega days.

Wave C

The opposite to Wave B, this wave is found on the outside of Wave A. It also starts working on a large swell and can produce cavernous barrels. Not for the faint hearted.

Wave D

This world-class left-hander breaks with mechanical consistency. Wave D is one of the Banyak Island’s most consistent spots and can work even on a small swell if the direction is right. Goofy heaven.

Wave E

A sweet right-hand peak which breaks with a barrel section to start and then opens up into a nice workable wall. If you’re a bit of a speed demon then you may reach the bowl section on the inside and find another cheeky coverup.

Wave F

This friendly left is across from Wave E and starts breaking when the swell is bigger. Its nice open faces make this wave a great option for intermediate surfers and longboarders.

Wave G

If you’re lucky enough to see this gem working then you’re in for a real treat! Wave G is a super long right. A fickle beast, its riders are few and far between, but those who have experienced its magic talk of ten second barrels…

Wave H

This consistent and playful walling left is found amongst a popular turtle nesting area, which is a pretty epic sight. With a fun takeoff and the possibility of a sneaky barrel when the conditions align, this wave is sure to put a smile on your face!

Wave I

This stunning left-hand point break is a little shallow when small but becomes a racetrack on bigger swells with ample opportunities for barrels.

Photo credits Banyak Surf Adventure