Dahl Delivery!Crowdfunding for impoverished locals in Ahangama, SW Sri Lanka

Max Hepworth-Povey

2 months ago in Sri Lanka

People are struggling to eat all across the globe right now, times are tough, and especially so if you live on the breadline.

Jake Perkins, a good friend and also our barman at the Ticket to Ride Surf House in Ahangama, South West Sri Lanka, has found himself ‘stuck’ out here during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst sneaking out for surfs alongside myself, he has also been interacting with our local community who have welcomed him with open arms. Having been border line force-fed, so many incredible meals, by people with nothing to give, he felt indebted to the local Sri Lankan people and has found a way to give back.

It started by Jake withdrawing around £100 in LKR and sourced food from the local stalls in Ahangama, divided it into 10 food packs and distributed to the hardest hit households in the town. These food packs worked out costing around £12.50 and contained all the basic essentials, including soap and washing powder, which should keep the average household of 6 people going for a week or so.

Obviously the reception of this act of kindness was very welcomed, but Jake realised he wasn’t even scratching the surfance of the issue so has started it a crowdfund campaign.

Times are tough for everyone, everywhere. If you can help out and give a little, it will make a huge impact. Please donate here: