Everything You Need to Pack for a Season of Snowboarding

Katie Blundell

6 years ago in Banff

Packing for a one week snowboard holiday is hard enough, so how on earth do you pack for a whole season? Fitting your whole life for the next five months into a bag is difficult. If you’re not careful you could end up taking everything including the kitchen sink…and then never using it! Less is definitely more when packing for your snowboard season. Here is a packing list of things you will ACTUALLY use/ need and some tips on packing:

Snowboard Equipment

Don’t worry if you don’t have any of your own, as you can hire stuff for the season at cheap seasonaire rates when you get there:

Snowboard – Take a spare if you have one – you don’t want to be sidelined whilst waiting for yours to be repaired

Boots – Break them in around the house at home to save cramp when you get there

Bindings – And spare parts if you have them, however, most snowboard shops in the mountains stock these too

Helmet – Safety first!

Goggles – Bring different lenses for different conditions

Sunnies – For spring riding/ apres ski and around the resort

Backpack – Use it as your hand luggage on the journey over and then you can use it as a day pack on the mountain for essential items

Snowboard Bag – To take your snowboard in – its a lot easier than carrying it

Transceiver/ Shovel/ Probe – If you think you will be doing off piste



Jacket/ Pants – Check for warmth/ breathability/ waterproof. Consider bringing a thinner jacket for spring conditions

Thermals – All-in-ones or separate top/ leggings

Snowboard Socks – Pack a few of these, as they get stinky pretty quick!

Gloves – Bring liners for cold days and spring gloves for warm days

Hats – Bring a few of these as different outfits need different colours! It’s also worth bringing one that fits under your snowboard helmet (ie. no bobble)

Apres Gloves – As you don’t want to risk losing your expensive snowboard gloves in the bar

Neck Warmers/ Face Masks/ Bandanas/ Scarf – For cold days and for fashion reasons!

Jumpers/ Hoodies – You’ll live in these

T-shirts/ Tops

Jeans/ Trousers

Swim Stuff – Guaranteed you will end up in at least one hot tub during the season

Flips Flops – For walking to the hot tub!

PJs – Make sure they’re appropriate as people will most likely see you in them




Tooth Paste / Tooth brush

Sun Cream – Sun/ wind/ reflection off white snow = mega sunburn

Moisturizer/ After Sun

Hairbrush/ Hairdryer/ Straighteners  


Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Shower Gel – Can buy these out there if you’re saving on space

Razor – Although people seem to like to ‘let’ their hair grow on a season!

Waterproof Make-Up – Mainly mascara

 FullSizeRender (1)

Important items:


 European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – An absolute must in order to access medical treatment at a reduced cost whilst you’re in an EEA country or Switzerland. The EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance! However, it’s free to apply, just as long as you register on the official website here.

Bank Card(s) – Good to have a spare if you lose one

Credit Card – Just in case!

Driving license – You may well end up needing to drive at some point. It can also be used as your ID, so you don’t have to take out your passport on nights out

Visa Documents – If required


Things you might not think about:


Ear Plugs – Seasons are noisy. Earplugs are essential if you are more in the sleeping mood rather than party mood!

Fancy Dress – It is inevitable that at some point you will need some sort of fancy dress

Duct tape/ Needle/ Thread/ Cellotape/ Safety Pins – Also a given that at some point you will need to fix something. Can also be used to construct fancy dress

Luxury Items – Things that we take for granted in the UK become gold dust in a ski resort eg. ENGLISH tea bags, Cheddar Cheese and Marmite

A Good Series/ Movies and an Ipad/ Laptop to watch it on – There will be a lot of “down-time”, bad weather days/ recovery days/ hangover days, so you’ll need a good way to pass the time

Mobile for Foreign Sim Card – So much cheaper that using your UK phone!

Snowboard Servicing Equipment (wax, file, iron, petex) – If you are there for a whole season it will cost you a fortune to get your board serviced all the time. So DIY it!

Music – Get some playlists sorted as they’ll be good for riding and partying too

Painkillers – So cheap to buy in the UK compared to when you’re abroad, so stock up before you go

Adapters/ Extension Leads – Just some handy things to have, as we surround ouselves with so many electrical items these days

“Beer” Coat – You’ll want something warm to wear out in the cold evenings that isn’t your expensive snowboard jacket.

Wheat Bag/ Hot Water Bottle – For sore muscles and cosy nights in

Slippers – Just because! Always nice to have a touch of home

Playing Cards – Always a good thing to have

Skateboard – For when the snow melts

What to leave at home:

High Heels – It’s hard to walk in the snow and you will look ridiculous…

“Going Out” Clothes – You will never use them, especially those 10 nice dresses you’ve packed. You will just end up going to the pub in jeans and a hoody! The dress code is very different in the mountains

Uggs/ Hairy boots – Seem like a good idea for the snow but they end up looking like soggy animals!

Ear Muffs – Even if they are trendy in the UK you will look like a t**t in a ski resort


Packing the Board Bag:

The Board Bag – is like a jigsaw (see pics) have a few attempts at different “arrangements” to see how best to fit everything in

  • Hard stuff in first- pack around it with soft items
  • Pad out valuable/ delicate items with clothes (Ipad, Transceiver….)
  • Goggles in bindings to protect them
  • Gloves in hat to save room
  • Skateboard strapped onto backpack to use as hand luggage


Top Tips

Roll Clothes – Fit more in and its stops creasing

Straighteners – Can double up as an iron to quickly take creases out of clothes

Shampoo – Can double up as washing powder so that you can wash your clothes in the shower!

A Shoe Lace – Can be used as a belt for snowboard pants/ trousers….and as a shoe lace

Luggage Restrictions – Check the airline’s policy on luggage and sports equipment before you go.

Wear Your Snowboard Boots – On the flight if your bag is too heavy. Same goes for your snowboard jacket/ pants/ helmet!

Change Banks – Look into banks that don’t charge as much for getting money out abroad

Sun Cream – Use one for kids as they offer the best protection


Revise Packing – Take out half of the clothes you originally packed, as you will end up just wearing the same three outfits

Changing Style – Your fashion style will totally change during the season and become a lot more laid back and “seasonaire” looking (messy!)

Leave Space in Luggage – You will end up acquiring stuff over the season eg. new hoodies, snowboard equipment and a million more hats

Partying – If its your first season, there will be a lot of partying…hence the need for painkillers

Goggle Tans – They are cool in the mountains but in the UK you will get some odd looks. Especially when you rock up at that wedding straight after your season…