Five Core Exercises to Improve Your Snowboarding

Katie Blundell

7 years ago in News

One of the most important areas to work on to improve your snowboarding is your core strength. I know how hard it can be to actually get to the gym sometimes, so I have devised a quick and easy 20-minute core workout routine that you can do at home, without any gym equipment. It’s easy to fit into a busy schedule and you can even involve pets!

“I have found that core conditioning is the element that improves my snowboard performance the most, as well as (touch wood!) helping to prevent injuries. If your core is strong, it will stabilise your body and improve your balance on the mountain. It will also help your posture in general and just make you stronger, happier and an all round better snowboarder.”

So…there are no excuses now for not being “snow fit” as soon as you get the chance to strap on your snowboard again. Pop on some music, grab your workout gear and get ready to ride like a pro…


Hands down one of the most important exercises for snowboarding! I really do hate them, but they have to be done…

1) Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and in your “snowboard stance”.
2) Sit down as if you’re sitting on the toilet, then stand up again. Do this slowly for maximum strength building.
3) Repeat the move 10 times, then hold in the squat position and pulse for 30 seconds.

Advanced: Hold something heavy in your hands to increase your weight when you squat. I’ve used a dog.

Muscles Targeted: Your gluteus maximus, quads, hamstrings and your core in general.

Twisting Squats

These exercises will help with the rotational aspect of snowboarding and make squats a bit more interesting.

1) Choose an object to twist with (I have used a dog again in this exercise but you can use a baby, a plant pot, a tin of baked beans or large book….anything heavy-ish).
2) Stand in your snowboard position, legs bent and “object” held with both hands on your right side by your knee.
3) Straighten your legs and move the object diagonally across your body to above the left side of your head.
4) Then move the object back to starting position.
5) Repeat it 10 times on both sides.

Advanced: Choose a heavier object….a bigger dog?!

Muscles Targeted: Your abdominal muscles, in particular the obliques and your lower back.

Single Leg Stands

This is a really good exercise for strengthening those snowboard legs AND gives you a good excuse to sit down mid workout?!

1) Find something to sit on so your legs are at 90 degrees (can be a sofa, chair, beanbag or the toilet!).
2) Lift your left leg off the ground and keep your right leg where it is.
3) Stand up slowly, then sit back down.
4) Repeat it 10 times on both legs.

Advanced: Take away the seat and squat the whole way down on one leg. This is pretty hardcore, so get ready to feel the burn.

Muscles Targeted: Expect your gluteus maximus, quadriceps and hamstrings to sing.

Mountain Climber

The clue is in the title. This is a faster exercise to get the heart rate going but also engages your core.

1) Get into the press-up position with your hands shoulder-width apart.
2) Keep everything clenched and tight, with your bottom down so you are nice and flat.
3) Jump both feet in and bend your legs so your knees come to just outside your elbows.
4) Jump back out to the starting position.
5) Repeat 10 times.

Advanced: Repeat 20 times.

Muscles Targeted: Focuses on your upper body-deltoids/ triceps, abdominals, glutes, hamstrings, quads, erector spine and calves.

Planks / Side Planks

To finish off the circuit I like to use the traditional plank. This is really good for your core and an excellent balancing exercise. Planks will also build strong abdominals and lower back muscles to help support the spine.

1) Get yourself onto your elbows in the press up position, resting your weight on your forearms.
2) Make sure your body is forming a straight line from shoulders to ankles.
3) Engage your core by sucking your belly button into your spine and keeping everything tight.
4) Hold for 30 seconds.
5) Turn onto your side and rest on one elbow.
6) Place the other hand on your hip.
7) Keep your body in a straight line and make sure you keep your hips UP
8) Hold for 30 seconds.
9) Repeat on the other side.

Advanced: Do with straight arms with your hands on the floor instead of using your elbows.

Muscles Targeted: Deltoids, triceps/ biceps, oblique’s, abdominals, pectorals and rhomboideus.


If you do the whole routine once a day until the season starts then you will be ready especially if you are training to get your instructor qualification! I normally take the weekends off exercise, as your body does need a break too. It will actually benefit your fitness by incorporating rest days into your fitness routine as it gives your body a chance to recover. Obviously, don’t take too many days off!

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