Help Build Waves for Change Surf Club in LiberiaHelp support the Waves for Change Surf Club in Liberia build a clubhouse and get equipment

Chris Bond

3 years ago in South Africa

It wasn’t long ago that Tim Conibear, founder of Waves for Change, told us that he was keen to set something up in Liberia. They had a good contact at a University and its common knowledge that there are some amazing waves. Not long after Tim was in Liberia, where the roads are so bad it can take a week to travel just a 600km to get to! But the adventure was worth it, and Tim had met the right enthusiastic people and Waves for Change Liberia was born.

Fast forward a few months and Waves for Change were bringing Liberia’s first coaches to Cape Town to train them up to run the program in Liberia. When they asked Ticket to Ride if we would run the Surf Coaching Qualification we were more than happy to help out and to run the course. They all loved the course, and with the survey W4C ran after the course, indicated it would be hugely beneficial to what they were doing in Liberia, their lives to bring in additional income, and that they had learnt a lot.

As the program has rapidly grown African surf brand, Mami Wata, stepped up to the plate and decided that they wanted to start a fundraiser to build a Surf Club in Harper for the Waves for Change program. They went ahead and designed a Harpers Sliders Range for the Kickstarter campaign, and aimed for the stars! Every little bit helps them to achieve the goal, and you get some amazing gear in return so go and check it out! They need your support!


It has been a great success so far, with the target now having been exceeded, but you can still make a huge difference, with three days to go the money you put in will help buy the kids surfboards for the Surf Club! And you still get your gear that you buy, whatsoever you choose.

Go Check it Out!