How to Travel to Sri LankaThe logistics of traveling through covid times simplified

Max Hepworth-Povey

2 months ago in News

Travel is coming back and by the new year those tropical short-stay surf trips will be happening, but right now, traveling longer is smarter, giving you the opportunity to settle into the country you are experiencing, whilst minimising risk and stress for yourself and others.

The logistics of travel right now can be one of the main faffs, so with our 10 Week Sri Lanka Surf Instructor Course and Adventure kicking off in just over one month, here’s how you get into Sri Lanka simplified.

Firstly. As you can imagine, it’s a whole lot easier if you’re vaccinated. If you have completed the recommended doses of COVID-19 vaccination and are arriving into Sri Lanka after 2 weeks of completion of the second vaccination you will be considered as a fully vaccinated traveler. Any vaccination type accepted by the country of origin is acceptable.

Secondly. As a fully vaccinated traveller you must book a 24 hour stay at a Certified Safe & Secure Level 1 hotel until the on-arrival PCR test is performed. Despite joining the 10 Week Trip with Ticket to Ride, in the eyes of the Sri Lankan Government this hotel is your first and main port of call, they also handle all logistics including your airport transfer from the hotel. Hotels start from $30 per night. We have been recommending Timeless Villa, Kabalana for our guests as it’s just over the road from the Surf House. A full list of hotels can be found here.

Then. Assuming you have a negative result from this test on arrival (Day 1) PCR test report, as a vaccinated travellers you can leave the hotel and the respective Safe & Secure L1 Hotel doctor will issue a “Discharge Document” upon verifying the status of vaccination and PCR test results. If you are joining our upcoming course, we will pick you up from the hotel and start our tour.

If you are unvaccinated. You must stay at a Certified Safe & Secure L1 hotel/s for the first 14 days of your trip to Sri Lanka and undergo an on-arrival PCR test, followed by a 2nd PCR (Exit PCR) on Day 14.

So essentially it is easy to enter if you are fully vaccinated, and expensive and long if you are not.

All official Government information, which is updated regularly can be found here.