International Travel Returns to Sri LankaEspecially for traveller that able to take extended time overseas. Now is the the time to go

Will Hayler

11 months ago in Surf

What a trip that was.

Even when unable to leave our own homes, it is fair to say that we have all been on quite a journey.

Over the past 20 months we have taken the approach to ride out each unwanted wave with the calm optimism that when international travel does return, we will we have something to say. And most importantly something even better to offer our surfing community.

That time is now and the doors to our brand new Sri Lanka Surf House will be reopening in October.

“Since 2005 Ticket to Ride has always been about the journey, having been forced to take a break of our own. We are ready to return event better than ever”

16 years on, we have the most loyal and supportive customer bases imaginable. Whenever we have been asked what’s next for Ticket to Ride, we made sure that we stay realistic whilst also being super positive about the future. From an adventure travel perspective, there is more pent up demand that we have ever known. Trips are booking out as soon as we open them.

Extended travel options are the most viable option in Sri Lanka right now. It is our brand new 10 week surf adventure program with the opportunity to qualify as a surf instructor that is first to open.  Check out the 10 week surf course itinerary here . Places are already down to the last 5 for this first trip.

The opening of the Ticket to Ride Surf House in 2020, signalled our move into higher end surf travel. An extension of TTR’s higher end mountain lodge and family chalet options in the snow (on hold until winter 2022/2023).

With time to reflect on who we are and what we offer.  We are geared up to make our international surf travel return with renewed purpose, top quality hosting and world class coaching for all.

Whether you are an adventure traveller, young professional, group of friends or a family looking to surf and travel with ease. Ticket to Ride has the team, the locations and the know how to provide surfing experiences that take surfing journey to the next level.

A new way of living and working

The shift to remote working makes extended travel to far reaching locations all the more possible. Young professionals looking for two weeks of travel are now realistically able to combine one week of hedonistic holiday with a second week of remote working. Depending on your industry, you may not even need to separate the two. The same goes for those looking to take family surf trip that cross international timelines.  If you go all that way, you are going to want to stay for two weeks.

The value of travel

When travel does return across the board, there is no doubt that we will all value it more. To be able to build international travel into our busy working lives is one of the upside from the year we have all just been through. I for one cannot wait to take full advantage of this with my family.

Whilst we also now understand that there is much to be gained from staying at home, the chance to experience new cultures and see the world a life affirming ambition that needs to be continually refilled. Travel is part of what makes life interesting. Travel gives us perspective, gives us dreams and when we go out and grasp these dreams, we create memories that last a lifetime.

With global travel restrictions still in place, shorter travel times remain unrealistic. However, if you have time on your hands and are prepared to do your research, or put yourself in the hands of a trusted operator, the world is once again open for travel.

When our Sri Lankan Surf House opens its doors in October, first through the gates will be customers that have the time to book one of our extended trips.

Right now, I am looking forward to spending some time surfing in Portugal.  Lottie and my two boys Oscar (9) and Rudy (7) love the surf and sunshine in Portugal. For us the big ticket trip to Sri Lanka will have to wait until the UK lifts travel restrictions fully lift. As soon as they lift we will be on the plane.

If you have the time and availability to get out to Sri Lanka sooner. Now is the time to live the dream and book your ticket.

We are ready and waiting for you.