Last Minute Surf TripsExtend Summer and score warm waves with these last minute surf holidays

The evenings are drawing in and the mornings are getting colder, which means it’s the perfect time to head somewhere warmer for waves, extending Summer.

So here are our top 3 last minute surf trips for October / November 2018:

1. South Africa – J Bay Surf Camp

Erm. J BAY. Do I need to say more? In my short trip to SA I fell in love with Jeffreys Bay. It’s a magical place with some of the world’s best right hand point breaks you can imagine. I expected one long wave, with hundreds of people scrambling for the take off point, but it’s actually broken up into loads of sections for miles, with different levels of waves, perfect for progressive beginner – intermediate and advanced surfers alike. The coaching is World Class led by current South Africa surf team coach Etienne Venter, so you will be correcting and fine-tuning your surfing, during early dawnies or evening glass-offs with one of the best in the game.
Dates: 3rd – 13th October
Airport: Port Elizabeth International
Best wave: Kitchen Windows is a great right hand point (obvs) right in front of the camp. But if you get a good one at ‘Supers’ you will remember it for the rest of your life.
Musts: I’m actually vegetarian but when in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in South Africa you must eat meat. Biltong, Boerewors, Bobotie, Ostritch, everything is amazing. South Africa is a meat-eaters paradise.
Local tip: Carling Black Label is nothing like the beer back here in the UK.
The price is £695pp for 10 days. More info here. Flights from London Heathrow to Port Elizabeth International are around £605 return with Quatar.

2. ‘Secret Spain’ Surf & Yoga

Northern Spain is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The mountains melt into the ocean, the cities are traditional yet cosmopolitan, the local towns are charming and the coastal roads leading to them are on a par with those of Big Sur (I actually think more impressive). You’ve no doubt heard about the world class food and wine which fuel your surfs, but it is the vast beaches and quality waves, which make our Spain trips so popular.
Dates: 7th – 14th October
Airport: Santander
Best wave: Playa Somo is classic. Like a warmer version of Fistral Beach, yet less busy.
Musts: Visit the ‘old town’ or ‘Campo Viejo’ in Bilbao for an authentic Basque experience. The food is as impressive as it’s neighbour San Sebastian but without the tourists. Get a return train from Santander easily.
Local tip: Head to a local restaurant at lunch time and opt for a menu del dia (La Vetusta in Loredo do a great one). It will be the best food on offer that day and always under €15 for three courses, including wine.

Secret Spain isn’t advertised on the website as it is a Rider Reunion type trip without the traditional surf coaching that we offer on trips, but it is available to TTR friends and family at the bespoke rate of £325pp. Click here to book. Flights into Santander vary, from around £50-£150 return from Stansted, Edinburgh and Dublin with Ryanair.

3. Sri Lanka Surf & Yoga

Sri Lanka is a second home to me, returning twice a year for a decade and the lure remains the same; fun waves breaking over deep reefs which keeping the ‘arrogant’ Indonesia-esque crowd at bay, allowing me, and our guests, to surf our hearts out all day. It is the perfect place for the intermediate surfer to hone their skills. On this two week surf and yoga camp we blend hard core surf coaching with mellow yoga, complimenting each other perfectly, pushing everyone’s surfing so they reach their true potential, all fuelled by tremendously tasty curries, with a few parties and cultural activities thrown in the mix to spice it up a bit.
Dates: 4th – 18th November
Airport: Colombo Bandaranaike International
Best wave: The mechanical left right out the front of the camp.
Musts: If you can add a few days on to your itinerary you have to. Climbing Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) in time to watch the sunrise is an amazing experience. It will be during the low season, meaning no pilgrims will be on the route and you will probably only encounter a few other tourists (and possibly a leopard? Jokes). There is something very spiritual about this pilgrimage regardless of your faith or lack thereof.
Local tip: Get the bus! They are cheap and the fastest things on the road.
The price is £1,295pp for two weeks. More info here. Direct flights from London Heathrow to Colombo Bandaranaike are £489 return with Srilankan Airlines