The Lowdown – Alan StokesA quick catch up with Surfing's David Beckham

Max Hepworth-Povey

2 years ago in Surf

Alan Stokes needs no introduction, but let us introduce him.

He is one of the UK’s most respected riders after winning every British title going including becoming British Champion three times, whilst banging out incredible content for what seems like forever. He’s also a very lovely bloke and is running the Costa Rica Wild & Free Adventure this February with equally lovely wife Philly. We had a quick catch up with the David Beckham of surfing over a brew and all time run of swell in Cornwall.

Morning Routine: Wake early put the kettle on check the waves out the window, cup of tea or lemon water if im feeling healthy.

How did you start the new year? I started the new year with a January swell run that is still going and has seen class spots firing all over the county. Epic start to 2018. We have also added more of our super popular Cornwall luxury yurt, surf and yoga retreats to our Wild & Free Adventures line up plus we have teamed up with the amazing fitness blogger Carly Rowena on a fitness surf, sup and yoga retreat in Portugal in April.

Guilty pleasure: Pizza

Favourite beer: Too many but I would say a cold Imperial after a hot days surfing in the sun in Costa Rica for sure.

Number 1 travel hack: Drink loads of water and get out of your seat every half hour and stretch it out.

Three favourite things about Costa Rica: Surf , Sun , Food.

The world would be a better place if… Everyone just chilled out : )

What are your main goals as a surfer and / or in life? Big question ha! In surf and life just try to be present in the moment and connect with the energy of the wave. Theres a lot of positive energy that you can just absorb if you open your mind and feeling to that connection. Same in life the energy is just spinning around you and inside of you, so just take your little human charger cable and plug that thing in! The rest will fall into place so don’t worry and be happy.

Last time you belly laughed? Yesterday listening to a certain person, who I will not name, tell me how they ingeniously blagged the day of work to surf pumping waves. It was a well thought out plan executed with incredibly fine detail. Said person got tubed off his nut. Well done sir!

Thanks Alan, see you in Santa Teresa hombre.

Alan at a North Fistral bomb the other day. Photo Luke Gartside