The Lowdown – Harry TimsonProfessional Surfer & Ticket to Ride Ambassador gives us an insight into his life

Max Hepworth-Povey

4 years ago in Surf

Harry Timson is the best surfer to emerge from the UK scene in recent years. He is the UK Poster Boy for Volcom, earning his place on their International Surf Team through fifteen years of progressive surfing. He wears his badge with pride, traveling the globe with the Volcom team. Hazza is also talk of the town with his SICK new clip out and is helping run our upcoming trips to Costa Rica so I caught up with him over a quick pre-surf coffee.

Morning routine

I wake up about 12 so thats the morning gone ha ha. Na, joking, if there’s waves I’m up and on it but I don’t really have a routine I just see what’s happening. In Winter I have a pretty decent routine at home, I’ll surf at least once, and swim or train once. If there’s no waves I’ll just swim and train, if it’s cranking I’ll just surf all day. That’s the best training for surfing!

What’s it like surfing Pipeline?

Surfing Pipe is pretty much how you would expect it, WELL scary at first. It’s so hectic being out in the line up with the best surfers in the world who make it look like a 2ft beach break, but once you figure it out it becomes easier and a few weeks in I found my feet and started loving it, getting some of the best barrels of my life.

Tell us a story from the Volcom House Hossegor

Oh my goodness where to start, there’s hundreds. But a special time that sticks in the mind is when literally everyone went out to party so I stayed home because the waves were going to be good. I woke up, nobody was around, went for a dawnie, scored one of the best sessions ever at La Graviere, got more barrels than I can remember, came back and everyone was still crashed out at the house. Not very rock n roll but man it was good feeling.

Are all pro surfers polished athletes these days?

I dunno really, it’s each to their own. Free surfers don’t have to be as clean cut and some brands actually endorse smoking and drinking etc, that’s the image they want. They like to market the not care attitude but at the same time you can’t go off the rails, so do care a bit, do what they want, do what you want and let your surfing speak. I’m all bout moderation, I don’t even want to surf when I’m hungover, so for me personally it wouldn’t work, I just get too stoked on surfing.

You’re helping with our Costa Rica trip, are you excited to get out there and what can our guys expect from you?

Ah mate I’m absolutely frothing! I’ve never been out there and the waves where we’re going look so much fun. I’m going to be leading the surf coaching for the more intermediate crew and as the waves aren’t really gnarly out there, they can expect a lot of time in the water with a very keen surf coach dragging them out of bed at sunrise and keeping them in til dark ha ha. Obviously looking forward to spinning a few yarns with everyone in the evenings as well ha ha.

Best wave EVER

100% Trestles in California. I spent a month there and fell in love with it, its actually even better than everyone says it is. It’s a skatepark made from water and you can surf to your full potential because it’s the same wave every time. The most amazing training ground. I want to live there. Anyone want to hook me up? Ha ha.

What are your goals as a Pro Surfer?

Basically trying to get the sickest shots I can, bigger and better stuff than anyone else. I’m putting myself out there globally. I spent some time in the Volcom House in Indo with Pro’s like Mitch Coleborn and Ozzie Wright etc, so I had to really step my game up to impress those guys and the same goes here at the Volcom House at Pipeline, but maybe times by a thousand cos it’s like the whole world is watching you, so I’m just surfing hard out here at Pipe every day and feeling good, but when your confident in your head you can do anything… So I guess I just want to get more credibility off the big pros because that makes you feel invincible.

Number 1 travel hack

Always, and I mean always take way more wax than you think you’ll need, because everyone will ask you for it.

Thanks Hazza, now everybody grab a brew and check out his new edit ‘Roast Beef’ from a summer spent in his second home, France.

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