Snowboarding, A Different PerspectiveMy first trip snowboarding with my family

Katie Blundell

6 years ago in Snowboard

I always get asked “do you think you’ll be more careful now you’re a Mum?” or “will you get back into snowboarding now?”. Well we have just got back from our first snowboard trip as a family of 4. I was thinking about the above questions a lot, so now seems a good time to answer.

Becoming a Mum has 100% changed my perspective of snowboarding.


Not that my sponsors ever put loads of pressure on me, but I always put a lot of pressure on myself to perform/ get the shots/ learn new tricks/ hit bigger jumps/ podium at comps/ be in the right places/ do the right things and to push myself. Social media definitely didn’t help either! Now that that ship has sailed (well and truly) I just feel so much more chilled. A sticker-less board, a miss-match of outerwear and nobody expecting anything. And, if I do do anything remotely ok, then the standard is way lower for the “mum” category – “wow she’s had 2 kids and she just did a 50/50 on a box!”.


I look at the slopes differently. Before I maybe would have weaved in and out of ski schools, trying to quickly get passed them. Now all I picture is my sons and how scared they might feel if a fast snowboarder went too close to them. I saw a family having a picnic in the park. Before I would have felt like they were in the way, but now I can see, yes maybe this is a nice place for a picnic whilst watching all the snowboarders go by. I felt how nervous Mums and Dads must have been taking their small children down the runs, constantly watching and making sure they were ok. But most of all I noticed families, and thought how cool it would be to all shred together one day (also how much effort it must have taken the parents to get themselves ready AND their kids for riding that day).


I thought becoming a Mum would make me not want to go to the park and perhaps just enjoy cruising, drinking coffees and working on my tan. Although this does sound wonderful, my love of freestyle has not changed. I found myself in the park on day 2 of the holiday. For a moment, I felt like Snowboarder Katie again, not Mummy. But, what has changed is my self consciousness. I didn’t care so much what people thought. I may look like I’m stuck in 2014 and still think Tail Grabs are cool (are they??), but I am a mum now and have bigger things to worry about. I purely enjoyed just having that old adrenaline rush, albeit from the small kickers!


Well I’m in no danger of trying a Rodeo or street rail anytime soon. Although (I hate to say it, bad mum) most of the time I was riding, thoughts of my boys didn’t enter my head. Maybe I was just enjoying some novelty ME time? However, if I was put in a “risky” situation, I’d like to think at this point in my life, I would take the safe way out. Also helmets. I have ALWAYS worn one, I did think now maybe I wouldn’t because I wouldn’t be doing the stuff I used to do. But actually I think now is more important than ever to wear a helmet. 1) I don’t want to be a cabbage for my children. 2) I want to set an example for my boys.


It’s funny how you take things for granted when you do them everyday. I found myself just appreciating every little thing way more: the fresh mountain air, the stillness of the snow, the beautiful mountains, the feeling of your board cutting through the corduroy, the warmth of the spring sun, the kid free time! Bad weather didn’t even bother me, I WAS SNOWBOARDING AGAIN!!!

Kids Riding

Teaching your kids to snowboard is a whole new world of emotions. Frustrating, exhausting (like lugging a piece of meat around) but exhilarating! When they get it, you feel so so so proud. To see them having a go at something you love so much, and getting stoked on it (sometimes), is the best feeling ever. Not to mention they just look cute dressed up in all their snowboard gear. Yes riding for yourself is fun, but teaching your off-spring is pretty good too!

I am seeing snowboarding through fresh eyes again. I feel more relaxed riding than I have done in years (ironic that I’m more relaxed now I’ve had children!). It doesn’t feel as important to push myself. It feels more important to have fun and see my kids having fun. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to do way more riding for myself, but I’m sure my time will come again. But at the moment, the “Mumshred” or “Mumswhoride” category is a pretty good one to be in!