Getting Back out There South Africa and MozambiqueThe return of Ticket to Ride Surf Adventures in South Africa and Mozambique

Chris Bond

2 years ago in News

We are definitely looking forward to  being allowed to surf again. By all accounts it will be ‘a while’ until we are travelling the world again, whether for work, holiday or a surf trip!


What I do know, is that people are going to be selective with how the choose to spend their time after this time, it has given us a sense of what it’s like for your freedom to be taken away. This gives one a greater sense of urgency to live life to its fullest and make the most of the opportunities we have. It has made me value the surf trips we run, the amazing people I get to work with running these trips appreciating the energy and effort they put into them ensuring an incredible experience, and of course the guests who come on the trips allowing us to share our love for surfing and these amazing countries we have chosen to operate in.

My last trip to Mozambique was one of the best trips that I’ve had even going back to places I have been many times. Next on my list is definitely Coffee Bay. For those coming out to South Africa to do the trip, everywhere from Cape Town to Tofo will be an adventure to remember and cherish.

Ellie who came on the 13-week trip last year explains it better:

“If you’re looking for a pretty life changing adventure I’d say this would be it! South Africa was nothing short of absolutely incredible and I’ve made memories I’ll treasure. The combination of organisation by TTR plus bringing together people from all over the world is a pretty winning combination.”


South Africa Original Adventure

Ultimate 13-week SA and Mozam Instructor Course

MARCH 2021

Mozambique 4*4 Adventure

We have to sit tight for now. Ticket to Ride surf tours in Africa are worth the wait. The experiences you will encounter  and the friends you will make will last you a lifetime.