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South Africa Vs Morocco. Which Instructor Course to Choose?Which Instructor Course is best for you?

Chris Bond

3 years ago in Morocco

With the launch of our new surf instructor course in Morocco the signature style of a Ticket To Ride experience is now available in two locations in Africa, which poses a tough question; which do you choose?

So we thought we’d break it down for you, comparing all the key features of an ultimate gap year experience to help you decide which suits what you want from your surf adventure. Have a read, check out the experience pages and then get in contact if you have any other questions.

South Africa v Morocco – The African Showdown!


They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and the same rings true to most surfers. After spending all day paddling, riding and getting your stoke on you’ll need to make sure you’re well fuelled.

When it comes to food in SA and Morocco you’re pretty spoilt for choice.

With SA’s food add-on pack (5 dinner and 7 breakfasts per week) you’ll be well fed on a variety of dishes from BBQ to curry and there is a huge food movement happening in Cape Town right now with heaps of incredible restaurants walking distance from our base. Also, local Biltong (similar to beef jerky) is possibly the best thing edible on the planet and all of the above can be washed down with some beautiful South African wine!

Morocco isn’t caught short on the food front either, with the SOL resort producing incredible local dishes with a unique flair. A slow cooked tagine is the staple Moroccan treat, a more exotic version of the hot pot! And SOL Resort has the only licence in Taghazout so you can grab a cold beer to wash it down with, but you’ll probably find yourself addicted to the sweet nectar of steaming hot mint tea – perfect post-meal or per/post surf!


A good nights sleep is always key to a good surf session too and both SA and Morocco will provide just that.
The structure of the SA experience means you’ll be bouncing through a few locations – sampling a wide variety of hostel dorms along the way. They’ve all been hand-picked by the TTRide Team so you can expect a solid level of comfort but with the added adventure of quirky hostel goodness varying from place to place.

Morocco is based out of the incredible ‘SOL Resort’, a new eco-friendly development in a pristine location by the beach. Their facilities include a newly stocked surf school with an awesome range of surfboards, a gym and spa, two restaurants and their distinct ‘beach bungalow’ style accommodation all meters from the ocean. Perfect for an early morning surf check, and the resort is a great place to kick back in the evening and watch the sun melt into the surf.


With a surf instructor course, the actual waves are going to be the key to your experience! And with that in mind, both locations serve up an amazing array of breaks.

The road trip style of South Africa means you’ll cover a huge variety – from the famous points of J-Bay to the hidden gems of Coffee Bay and up into Mozambique where Ponta D’Ouro offers uncrowded perfection.

Morocco isn’t short of waves either and your Taghzout base is a slap in the middle of some of the most surf rich coastline we’ve ever visited! You’ll be walking distance to spots like Hash Point and Panoramas and within a 5-minute drive either side you can hit up over 10 different spots – ranging from the mellow beaches of Crocs to the world-class Anchor Point.

Basically, both offer up all levels of waves, allowing you to confidently build up your skills and progress throughout your trip.


When it comes to inclusions it’s not hard to see that South Africa takes the biscuit on this one.

Although Morocco includes a heck of a lot in the week, South Africa boasts Table Mountain, meeting penguins, the worlds highest bungee jump, cuddling lion cubs and a safari. Not only that but if you opt for the Mozambique 3 week extension you’ll also get yoga and go snorkelling with whale sharks and manta rays!


As much as we all hate it we know money is always a key issue with travel.

Our 10 week South Africa trip starts at £4,695 and the SA & Mozambique 13 week course starts from £6,195, both with payment plans available and offering plenty of bang for your buck. These really are true gap year adventure.

Morocco is certainly gentler on the wallet with the course costing just £1,095 including the £500 course fees, but this is just a week-long course, so perfect for those who don’t have as much cash or time on their hands.

Either way, both will be amazing experiences and give you the opportunity to gain the internationally recognised ISA Level 1 qualification allowing you to coach worldwide.

Morocco – Best If…

If money is a huge decision swayer Morocco is the best bet, with a lower starting price and also a cheaper flight from the UK.

South Africa – Best If…

South Africa is the option if you’re looking for an all-round gap year surf adventure. With plenty of road tripping, a variety of breaks and heaps of included extras it’s more of a trip of a lifetime than it is just a surf instructor training course!

Whichever option you choose we can guarantee you’ll have an amazing time, share the adventure with heaps of new, friendly faces and enjoy weeks of surf, sun and fun. If you’d like more information or to book onto any of our courses, compare them all here.