South Africa – What Does This Season Mean for Me?South Africa has opened its borders. We are here to try and offer our clients, and prospective guests as much support as possible.

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Update 10th December 2020

We have compiled the following FAQs below to help people make an informed decision about travelling with us to South Africa.

We are planning to run our trips, and with reduce capacity, and a pent up travel demand we are expecting numbers to fill up very quickly.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team, please call +44 (0) 208 7888 668, or email [email protected]

South Africa – What does this season mean for me?

I like the idea of travelling, but am apprehensive about covid, what is your booking procedure?

We require an upfront booking deposit, followed by a balance payment which we are asking for 4 weeks before departure, at which time we will have full clarity on the status of the trip.

We are operating the groups with smaller numbers (up to 12).

Before the payment deadline we will hold a group video conference call with all clients who have paid a deposit. During this call we will cover a number of FAQs, and explain how we will be operating the trip. After this time, and following this information, people may then chose to proceed and pay the balance, or withdraw (losing only their £95 deposit.)

We have updated our policy to be as flexible with our clients as possible, which can be seen below.

Are there any travel restrictions in place?

All travellers to South Africa have to have a Covid Negative test from within 72 hours prior departure to South Africa.

As of 12th November the SA government lifted all international travel restrictions. For the latest update and information please have a read of the below link.

n.b. at time of writing the FCO are still advising against “all but necessary foreign travel” to South Africa, and it is important that anyone travelling is mindful of this FCO position, and understands the risks.


What happens if I can’t get a flight on the start date?

When the airport does open it’s possible that there will be limited flights, and the schedule may be a bit irregular. We always ask for our guests to arrive on the start date of a trip, our usual policy is that people arrive at any time during the day, and we will make sure someone is there to greet you. This will still be our preference, however if it is not possible for people to land on the designated arrival day we will ensure that you are collected from the airport, and include your transfer. We will support you to find additional accommodation if necessary, but you will be responsible for any additional charges.

Will I need a visa upon arrival?

As things stand, the visa regulations have not changed. If you are travelling from the UK you will be granted a 90 day visitors permit upon arrival (on the basis that you have confirmed onward travel plans within this time frame).

We recommend that you check visa requirements with your local embassy.

Will I have to be quarantined when I am in country?

Currently there are no quarantine requirements for inbound travellers (although see above for travel restrictions, and compulsory testing).

What happens if I need to quarantine, or self-isolate whilst in South Africa, either as an international traveller, or if I show symptoms?

We are working with our accommodation providers to ensure that there are private rooms available on the basis that individuals may need to quarantine. If this is the case you will be moved into a private room, we will support you with this arrangement, but please note that you will be liable for the additional accommodation single supplement surcharges (n.b. The charges will vary from provider to provider, and will be made clear with you at the time).

What happens if I, or someone, in the group shows covid symptoms?

It is vital that you self-declare any symptoms as soon as possible. Following international guidelines we would immediately support you with a period of quarantine (see above), and arrange for you to have a covid test. We will also be able to support you with medical attention if required.

n.b. we would follow the local national SA guidelines that are in place at the time. At the moment the individual needs to self isolate for 10 days, and the bubble needs to do the same, until they have a test.

What happens if the trip moves to another location whilst I am self-isolating?

Over our itinerary we move locations regularly, so it is likely that is self-isolating the group may move onto the next destination. e.g. if you showed symptoms whilst in Jeffreys Bay, whilst the group had 3 more days left there as per the schedule.

We would not delay the planned itinerary if an individual is self-isolating, and it would not be possible for us to leave any staff behind to provide dedicated care to an individual.

The individual that is self-isolating would be left in the comfort of their arranged single room accommodation. We have a fantastic relationship with all of our accommodation providers, and they would be on hand to provide any support.

If the individual is suffering from an extreme case, and does need additional support, TTR will ensure additional care is provided. Either from our own staff, or from a local care support network. If this needs to be a charged service we will do our best to ensure that the individual (or next of kin) are aware of the charges in advance.

When the individual is ready, and has had a covid negative test, they will be able to re-join the group. We will help arrange the necessary transport for this, and it will be the individual’s responsibility to pay for the additional transport surcharges.

If the individual would prefer to end their trip and return home, we will support the booking and logistics of all onward travel under the same terms.

If there is a lockdown whilst I am out there what will happen?

We had a trip running whilst the March/April 2020 lock down was announced. We supported a smooth repatriation of each individual, and for those that chose to remain in South Africa we supported them in the sourcing of appropriate accommodation.

What happens if I cannot travel as a result of covid?

If you have covid symptoms and cannot travel on the start date, you will be able to join the group late.

If you prefer to cancel your travel plans as a result of covid our covid cancellation policy would apply.
If they need to be cancelled as a result of foreign office travel restrictions, or local government policy. We will offer to re-schedule your booking, offer you a travel credit with TTR, or if neither of the above are suitable we will offer you a refund.

What are your payment terms?

As a short term, in light of the current climate, we are taking the £95 to secure places on trips, and will then request the full balance 4 weeks prior to departure, on the basis that we are able to operate the trip as planned.

If we are not able to operate the trip as planned, we will give notice at this 4 week period, and either retain your deposit to tie over to a different date, or offer a refund if preferred.

If at this stage, you wish to cancel your place for any reason we will retain your £95 deposit to allow us to cover our administrative costs, and no further money would be due.

What happens if I want to cancel the place on my trip?

If you want to cancel, at any time for any reason (either disinclination, sickness, local restrictions etc), the following will apply:

4+ weeks (28 days+) from departure date – A full refund will be payable, including a return of your booking deposit. We will retain £95 to cover our costs of booking administration.

28 days – 14 days – We will retain your booking deposit, and return all other money paid

14 – 7 days – You will incur a surcharge of 50% of your trip fee

Inside 7 days – You will incur a surcharge of 100% of your trip fee

What happens if my country makes me go into quarantine on my return?

It should be expected that as a worst case scenario your local country may enforce you to go into quarantine on your return. We encourage all of our travellers to anticipate this worst case scenario. In the instance of enforced quarantine for return (where foreign office travel advise has not changed) we will offer a re-schedule, or travel credit, but not a refund.

What TTR options are there for me to book?

The Original South Africa 10-week Adventure 14 Jan – 25 March 2021
South Africa Adventure and Instructor Course 14 Jan – 25 March 2021
Ultimate 13 week Adventure, South Africa and Mozambique 14 Jan – 15 April 2021
Ultimate Instructor Course, South Africa and Mozambique 14 Jan – 15 April 2021

Or 11 September start date.


How will the accommodation be covid safe?

All protocols will be in place with cleaning and sanitising. We only stay at SAYSTC accommodation providers. We will have Ticket to Ride exclusive rooms.

What happens if one of the trip leaders shows covid symptoms?

We have a network of trip leaders. The trip leader in question would immediately self-isolate, and they would be replaced by another local instructor.

What happens if there is a covid outbreak in one of our accommodation providers?

We are working closely with all of our providers to ensure that they are managing the covid pandemic as best possible, and following the best possible practices. We keep regular communication with them. If they advise us that they have had an outbreak and the accommodation is unavailable, we will be able to source alternative accommodation in a short period of time.

General Advise

We are closely following ABTA and Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) to keep informed of the situation, and will provide updates if there are any changes. We encourage all guests to ensure that they have a travel insurance policy, and to check the status of their cover in the event of trip cancellation.
South Africa – FCO Advise

If you would like to talk to a member of our team, please call +44 (0) 208 7888 668, or email [email protected]