South African Champ to Run Sri Lanka Surf ProgrammeNikita Robb, multiple South Africa Open Champion to run our Surf Operations in Sri Lanka

Max Hepworth-Povey

5 years ago in News

Nikita Robb is one of South Africa’s Top Female Surfers.  She competed in the prestigious ASP World Tour and has taken numerous national titles so we are beyond stoked to be officially welcoming her back to the team to run our surfing operations at our brand new Surf House in Sri Lanka this coming season.

Although she’s a national celebrity, Nikita’s personality would suggest otherwise.  She is totally down to earth and wears an ear to ear grin permanently.  That said, she does have a ferocious backhand, which will be turning heads at the world-famous point break of Arugam Bay, the first stop on our upcoming Sri Lanka Coast to Coast Tour.

Nikita has been working with our Head of Operations Chris Bond on a surf coaching programme that will be a unique offering at our Sri Lanka Surf House. She will be leading the surf coaching team including fellow Countryman David Solomon and Charlie Russell who has been coaching for us in the UK for several years, alongside fully qualified local Sri Lankan Coaches. We have thirty brand new boards ranging from 6’0 shortboards up to 8’6 fatboy foamies. The schedule for our surf coaching courses will include early surfs when the conditions are optimum, with daily video analysis, theory classes, drills and surf specific yoga. I’m super excited to have her share her surfing expertise with our guests, which combined with her lifesaving and surf coaching skills and her straight up awesome attitude make Nikita the full package, who’ll ensure that you progress your surfing no matter what level you are.

For more information on the Surf House click here. But for now, let’s just watch this old footage of Nikita ripping a windy point in Mozambique to pieces with those trademark backhand smashes.

And let’s not forget how she used to absolutely smoke big name competitors like they were on a braai.

Shot Nikita!