Looking Back on South African SummerSouth Africa and Mozambique, a summer to remember!

Chris Bond

2 years ago in News

As I sit here in Cape Town writing this, autumn has definitely arrived as have the groomed autumn swells coming from the roaring forties and smashing into Cape Town before becoming perfect walls in Jeffreys Bay or all the way up to Durban and then into Mozambique. Having run surf tours in South Africa and Mozambique for the past 13 years, one thing I can assure everyone of is that there are waves year-round up and down this coast.

Having almost just finished a ‘season’ of surf trips in South Africa, including two 13-week trips from Cape Town to Mozambique, one starting in January and the other in September, the question of what are the waves like in summer in South Africa comes to mind. The better surfers who come on our trips always wonder about the timing, and all I can say is don’t worry, we get plenty of swell year-round in South Africa.

You probably won’t get 6-8 foot Supertubes in Jeffreys Bay, but you may well get it 3-4 ft and less crowded than winter would be. Without jabbering on any longer, here are a few clips from trip leaders and customers from the past two trips. The first two are from our trip leaders after the waves they scored in Mozam in November last year with bits of footage they got from the trip.

And here is a frame grab from Richey’s edit he made! Click here to watch the full clip.

And after the trip that just finished towards the end of March 2020, one of our customers decided to make a little thank you video for the trip leaders with footage of them he had collected over the trip. Nice and simple, the waves were cooking, just watch the clip here on our Instagram, the guy who made the clip has a private account. Here are some snaps from the last South Africa and Mozambique trips.

To end off, here is a little testimonial Ellie decided to share with us after her 13-week trip;

“If you’re looking for a pretty life changing adventure I’d say this would be it! South Africa was nothing short of absolutely incredible and I’ve made memories I’ll treasure. The combination of organisation by TTR plus bringing together people from all over the world is a pretty winning combination.”

And Sam

“I really enjoyed the trip and the people I spent time with. All the locations were awesome and you can tell it’s planned by people who really know the country. The coaches were class and all had individual styles of teaching which worked. I feel like I improved way more than I would have if I spent that time surfing by myself.”


What we offer in South Africa and Mozambique is special.

You only have to ask one of the many hundreds of people that have been on a trip and continue to talk about it to this day. We are all having some down time right now, but look forward to welcoming you our wonderful country again soon.

Thank for stopping by.