Sri Lanka – The Road AheadReopening 3rd October...

Max Hepworth-Povey

2 months ago in News

With curfews beginning to lift out here. We can start to think about next season. Opening 3rd October

The waves out the front of the Surf House are as fun as they get and very lonely. It hasnt all been surf and chill during lockdown. We have been getting ready to open the house for next season.

At the same time, here are some of the waves we have been getting recently.

‘The Rock’ has been firing, I actually waited to see these two surfers paddle out into the 4ft bowls the other day, just so I had some company.

Arugam Season

With the house all set and ready for guests to return.

We will be heading to the East Coast to surf the endless sand and reef-bottom right hand points around the region of Arugam bay.

There are some logistics involved in traveling district to district but for those tourists ‘stuck’ here, the government will be allowing travel as long as they have a health certificate saying they don’t have corona.

Unfortunately for the locals in A Bay, this will be a second season that won’t really happen.

Businesses will be lost and livelihoods will be ruined, but Sri Lanka is a tough nation and it will bounce back.

Tourism is one of the main industries in Sri Lanka contributing massively to the GDP and the government has made it very clear that bringing tourists back to the island as soon as healthily possible is a priority.

There have been talks that the process of traveling to the island will be slightly trickier than previously, which to be fair was incredibly easy as you could simply just jump on a flight, get a visa on arrival with a fake temporary abode scrawled on the piece of paper and head off on your wave pursuit. Whereas post-corona we are likely to go back in time a little with regards to travel, which will make it all the more exciting and adventurous!

Tourists will need to gain a health certificate from their home country, they will need to apply for the visa before hand (which will most probably be free) and they will need a fixed hotel address, which also must comply to COVID-19 regulations.

Adventure Awaits

We are to go on our next adventure, which is the popular Coast to Coast Tour leaving October 3rd, where we start out in Arugam Bay, catching the late season swell for a week, then head down to the Surf House in Ahangama for the start of season swell. This trip has been designed to dodge the crowds anyway, then throwing in a pandemic of this scale, I think we will be sharing some magical days in both bays.

Excitement levels of sharing this experience with the crew of riders who have signed up are through the roof already (we are actually fully booked already – you’ll have to sign up to the March 2021 tour if you missed out).

We’re also stoked to be running our Arugam Bay Surfari, our flagship four week Island Tour and are looking forward to training up new Surf Instructors on our Surf Instructor Course and Surf Adventure, which will lead us into the peak season for the Surf House nicely.

Whilst we’re not naively shouting out book now for 2020/21, we are all very much looking forward to the storm to pass and share the experience of this beautiful island with you all.

Hang in there folks,

There is lots to look forward to.