The Lowdown – Max Hepworth-PoveyMax Hepworth-Povey is always interviewing people and pouring his barely coherent ramblings into this blog, but what about the guy himself? Here’s The Lowdown

Chad Schwab

2 years ago in News

The man the myth the legend.  Max Hepworth-Povey is always interviewing people and pouring his barely coherent ramblings into this blog.  But what about the guy himself? Here’s The Lowdown:

Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?

Neither, I’m more of a jacker, I take what I need. I’m joking, that’s a line from an epic Dizzee Rascal freestyle.  I’m definitely not a gatherer as all my belongings fit into my car with room to spare.  I’ve also attempted to grow my own vegetables, to no avail, except for one massive marrow.  Ultimately, I’m a believer in ‘Ahimsa’ which is an ancient Sanskrit term that effectively means “do not harm”, so I don’t like the thought of hunting.  I think maybe I’m more of a good old-fashioned customer. If I think something is worth a price and I need it I will buy it.

Do you remember your first wave?

OK, I imagine you’re expecting a moving fable now.  Something along the lines of a 4 year old me being pushed into waves by my father at my local beach, while my Mother applauded gleefully and my younger brother took his first steps in the sand.

The truth is I that I can’t remember my first wave. I was more into football and judo as a kid,  But, naturally, I’d hang down the beach surfing, bodyboarding, rock climbing and stuff in the Summer holidays.  I can remember one Summer when I was about 10.  I must have been about 10, I grabbed a friends shortboard and just started ‘popping up’ on whitewater after whitewater.  I absolutely loved it, but I’d dabbled previously too.

I can also remember spending a lot of my youth on a bodyboard at Tolcarne Wedge. Actually, one time that really sticks in my mind is one proper summer’s evening after school.  I had the hots for this girl and she was frolicking on the inside.  I caught an absolute nugget and blasted a massive barrel roll right in front of her. I think I liked bodyboarding cos it was easier, maybe learning to surf was such a traumatic experience for me I wiped the early phases from my memory!

What’s your favourite destination to visit and why?

This is tricky because I always look forward to returning to everywhere I’ve visited, mainly to see the old friends made (Malia being one exception). However, Northern Spain and Sri Lanka have special places in my heart. Spain because of the extended family feel, slow pace of life and natural beauty surrounding you.  Meanwhile, Sri Lanka is similar; it’s is home to the friendliest people on the planet, who live in the present every day. That’s something we can all learn from. Then again, I also wouldn’t mind going back to Sumatra, the waves there are ridiculous.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?

Blue, so my colour would bring out my eyes.  That would also make it easier for me to meet a female crayon friend.

How many trips have you been on with TTRide?

Cor, let’s just say I’ve probably spent 7 months of the year away with Ticket to Ride every year over the past four years?

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

I’ve actually been a bit of a hermit since running four TTR trips back to back, recharging my social batteries so to speak.  However, I did have to laugh at myself when I bought this little Citroen C15 van a few days before embarking on a 1,300 mile journey and it broke down at Plymouth Ferryport a mere 40 miles into the trip. You’ve got to laugh really.

Your favourite surfboard to ride.

This 6’4 single fin egg made by Quiver always puts a smile on my face. Overlook the below average surfing in the vid and imagine how much fun I’m having:

What inspires you?

I read a book most days called The Living Gita.  It’s a modern take on the ancient Sanskrit scripture The Complete Bhagavad Gita’.  I guess you would compare it to a Bible for Yogis. I always take something from it. I am also inspired by any giving people; people who live to serve others.

What is your favourite beer?

That totally depends on the environment. In Bali a cold Bintang after a day’s surfing is unbeatable, South Africa it has to be a Black Label.  I’m currently in Spain and wouldn’t consider drinking anything other than Mahou or Estrella.  Of course in France it has to be Kronenbourg stubbies. To be honest, I’m pretty pleased as long as they are pretty premium and cold.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Exactly where I am living now. A big farmhouse in a small hamlet called Suesa in Northern Spain, 3km from a fun beach break called Playa De Somo.  I’m writing this looking at a mountain that I’m going to cycle up after work. Life’s good.

If you’re in Newquay or thinking of coming down for the Boardmasters, come see Max, myself and the rest of the Ticket to Ride Crew at the Ticket to Ride tent in the Village on Fistral Beach, or join us for a surf, pizza and beer on Thursday 10th August. More info here.