Top 5 Surf Destinations for 2019If you’re looking for a surf trip in the new year full of adventure and empty waves, then look no further

Monica Lewis

1 year ago in Surf

If you’re looking for a surf trip in the new year full of adventure and empty waves, then look no further. Here are our Top 5 surf destinations for 2019.

Indo – Banyaks

When it comes to Indonesia, Bali and Lombok are definitely not secret surf destinations. But picture this, all the beauty of Indo as we know it, but remote and welcome to the Banyaks. The Banyak Islands are an archipelago of 99 islands off the western coast of Sumatra. Only 7 of these islands are inhabited. Think about that for a minute…

The reason the waves are still so uncrowded is because it’s in the middle of nowhere. Combine this remoteness with world class waves that barrel all day long and picture-postcard tropical scenery and and you have a surfers’ paradise. This spot is for intermediate and advanced surfers and takes surfing to a whole new level.

If this sounds like your dream trip, check out our newest adventure location on a 12 day Bankyas boat trip. This 20m boat will be your home, bar, yoga spot and transport to empty, perfect waves everyday. The amount of surf spots is a mystery and many spots remain nameless, but there’s a wide choice of lefts and rights, barrels and cruisey leg burners. What more could you need really?


South Africa has many epic spots in the forefront of people’s minds, but many overlook its tropical neighbour, Mozambique. A combination of stunning natural beauty, white sandy beaches and perfectly clear tropical waters makes Mozam the perfect adventurous surf trip. It is exactly how you expect Africa to be, adventure around every corner, or every sand dune. The breaks aren’t the easiest place to get to, but that’s definitely a positive, leaving them untouched and endless waves for you. Jordy Smith puts a spot we know in Mozambique in his top 5 best waves in the world, who can argue with that?

If this sounds like your type of surf-fuelled endeavour, then I would recommend Ticket to Ride’s 4×4 Ultimate Mozambique Adventure. Racing jeeps around the south of Mozambique for 3 weeks, finding hidden breaks, swimming with whale sharks and just slowing down to ‘African time’…

Sri Lanka

This tiny island south of India has just been named Lonely Planet’s hottest destination for 2019, again, but we’ve been crazy for Ceylon for years and have been returning to this slice of paradise for over a decade now. It may look small but this gem is packed full of culture, wildlife, endless beaches and of course, waves. The beauty of Sri Lanka is the all round surf. When the season ends on the west, it starts on the east. Year round waves are just a crazy bus ride from away. Unlike other spots mentioned on the list, Sri Lanka is a great all rounder for all abilities. From cruisey beach breaks to barrelling slabs and of course the 500m leg burning rights on the east coast. There really is something for everyone in this Indian ocean dream.

Make the most of both seasons and even throw in some hiking and a safari on Ticket to Rides’ 4 week Sri Lanka Tour. Experience Ahangama, still unknown to most tourists and Arugam Bay, a classic Sri Lanka surf spot, but definitely part of the experience, before heading to the hill country. The change in landscape will blow your mind as you see massive mountains, temples, an endless amount of elephants, when previously all you saw was beaches and palm trees, all fuelled by the most tremendously tasty curries you will ever eat.

Check out this clip from the Misfits crew for a taster:

South Africa

The original and still one of the best countries on the Ticket to Ride circuit is South Africa. The waves melt into the mountains, raw wildlife is in abundance and the food and wine is next level. Then you have the epic culture and cosmopolitan Cape Town, where our office is based and where we start our South Africa Adventures (which I am heading out on in approximately 2 weeks. Eeek!) Combine this with a banging exchange rate offering great value, 2019 is a the year year to visit our second home

I’m going to be working on the original 13 week instructor course, which is a life-changing experience (says previous riders, not I!), but for those with less free time in the calendar, our six week road trip from Cape Town to Durban during the peak swell season this Summer has to be one of the best surfing road trips out there.

Combine all of the above with a banging exchange rate offering great value, 2019 is a the year year to visit our second home!


Nicaragua is often seen as the younger brother of Costa Rica. If that younger brother was a little bit rougher around the edges. But this results in quiet breaks and a cheaper adventure. The Latin American country boasts tropical conditions, incredible nature and friendly locals. Although it has been seen as an up-and-coming destination for a while now, it remains peaceful and unfamiliar, unlike Costa Rica. This paradise has something for all abilities, from perfect protected beach breaks to epic hollow waves for those seeking endless barrels. Nicaragua makes it onto the list not just for it’s amazing surfing but also everything else about it. It’s authentic and wild. It is also home to volcano boarding – it’s exactly how it sounds, sliding down the side of a volcano on a wood or metal board – let your inner adrenaline junkie run free!

Do you research before planning a trip here though, for a prolonged period there has been political unrest and street violence. Although precaution and research is required for Nicaragua at the moment, it couldn’t not make the list and is a place we are keen to explore further… so keep an eye on this spot on the TTR map in the future 😉

A perfect Nicaraguan A-frame. Photo credit theboomsurfreport

I’ve you’ve been to any of the above, please share your thoughts and if you’re booking a trip feel free to ask questions! 🙂