Top 5 Surf Trips for Summer / Autumn 2018We're all going on a... end of Summer Surfing Holiday

Max Hepworth-Povey

1 year ago in Travel

The August bank holiday is the (un)official end of Summer and whilst it represents a lot of things, namely Carnival and a big guilt-free Sunday session, it also marks the start of an unwelcome drawing in of the evenings and a looming return of colder climes, making it the perfect time to head somewhere warmer for waves and extend Summer.

So here’s a list of our top five Summer / Autumn Surf Holidays…

1. Northern Spain Surf & Yoga camp

Northern Spain is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The cities are cosmopolitan, the local towns are charming and the coastal roads leading to them are something else. The food is an attraction itself, the wine is world class, the impressive mountains melt into the ocean, which is surprisingly warm and the people are even warmer. But it’s the selection of beaches and quality waves, which make our annual Spain trip so popular and one of the main reasons I moved here.
Dates: 14th-21st October
Airport: Santander
Best wave: Playa Somo is classic. Like a warmer version of Fistral Beach, yet less busy.
Musts: Visit the ‘old town’ or ‘Campo Viejo’ in Bilbao for an authentic Basque experience. The food is as impressive as it’s neighbour San Sebastian but without the tourists. Get a return train from Santander easily.
Local tip: Head to a local restaurant at lunch time and opt for a menu del dia (La Vetusta in Loredo do a great one). It will be the best food on offer that day and always under €15 for three courses, including wine.
It’s £445pp for the week. More info here. Flights from London Stansted to Santander are £149 return with Ryanair

Did I mention Northern Spain was beautiful?

2. Sri Lanka Green Wave Rider Week

Sri Lanka is a second home to me and I’ve been frequenting the island for almost a decade. The lure remains the same, fun waves breaking over un-intimidating reefs, keeping the ‘arrogant’ crowd at bay, allowing me to surf my heart out all day. This also means that it is the perfect place for the intermediate surfer to hone their skills. On the ‘Green Wave Riders Week’ we will intensively coach the group of 10max up to the level where they are comfortably riding green waves. The perfect trip for the calendar-conscious surfer, itching the get to that next level. Bearing in mind it probably took me about three years to learn how to ride green waves we have set ourselves quite a task but I’m looking forward to being a part of the journey…
Dates: 11th-18th November
Airport: Colombo Bandaranaike International
Best wave: The mechanical left right out the front of the camp.
Musts: If you can add a few days on to your itinerary you have to. Climbing Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) in time to watch the sunrise is an amazing experience. It will be during the low season, meaning no pilgrims will be on the route and you will probably only encounter a few other tourists (and possibly a leopard? Jokes). There is something very spiritual about this pilgrimage regardless of your faith or lack thereof.
Local tip: Get the bus! They are cheap and the fastest things on the road.
The price is £695pp for the week. More info here. Direct flights from London Heathrow to Colombo Bandaranaike are £489 return with Srilankan Airlines

This isn’t the most glamorous photo, but what it does show is an honest scene from outside the surf camp at around lunch time when the wind goes a little onshore and with nobody out. I’m sure you’d jump out of a window to surf this right now. The photo is actually so bad as I had just got out after a few hours, smashed a couple of bananas whilst draining a coke, at the same time taking the shot as I was rushing to get back out there.

3. South Africa – Cape Town Surf Camp

In my very short journey to South Africa, I fell in love with Cape Town. In one day alone we woke early to go watch a bunch of big wave chargers take on the infamous ‘Dungeons’ which was about 20ft, where we also saw dolphins and whales in the lineup. On our return to Muizenberg I happily surfed a 2ft peeling wave right out the front of the surf camp. Then after being fuelled by the best steak (and I.P.A) in the World and the longest hike over some dunes and through what looked like a scene from Jurassic Park we surfed the scariest and most powerful 4ft waves of my life (at a place called Dunes). Then we saw some dolphins on the beach somewhere else, then we ended the day with more amazing meat and incredible wine with a backdrop of mountains melting into the ocean. This was one day.
Dates: 6th – 18th July
Airport: Cape Town International
Best wave: Muizenberg is the best beginner wave in the World. Dune’s is the scariest 3-4ft wave in the world.
Musts: Eat meat. Sorry vegans and vegetarians but South Africa is a meat-eaters paradise. A fillet steak at Tiger’s Milk, washed down with a quality I.P.A. will set you back a modest £5.
Local tip: Carling Black Label is nothing like the beer back here in the UK.
The price is £795pp for 12 days. More info here. Direct flights from London Heathrow to Cape Town International are currently £759 return with Ethiopian.

Muizenberg is the base for the Cape Town Surf Camp. I came here for a short few days in 2016 and haven’t stopped thinking about the food since. The waves are also fun and relentless.

5. Philippines Surf & Explore

Dates: 9th-23rd September
Nearest Airport: Cebu or Manilla, then internal flight to Siargao Island
Best wave: It has to be the wave that put Siargao on the map, Cloud 9. But our crew out there know some lovely secret spots only accessible by boat (look at photos)
Musts: Try the local coconut bread.
Local tip: Every Tuesday and Friday there’s an epic jungle disco not far from the camp.

The price is £1,295pp for 14 nights. More info here. You need to fly into Cebu at least a day before then catch an internal flight to Siargao Island. Direct flights from London Heathrow to Cebu leaving on 7th September, returning on 24th are currently £529 return with Cathay Pacific, an internal flight with CebGo is £45 return.

5. ‘Secret Spain’ Surf & Yoga

Dates: 7th – 14th October
Deal: Ok, so you get the gist of why Spain is epic from the blurb above, but this trip is a little different. I wanted all previous Ticket to Ride customers, friends and family to understand all the fuss is about, so I created a ridiculous deal for everyone around the World to reunite in Spain at the end of Summer.

My boss actually said it was ridiculous and makes no business sense, which is why we’ve not advertised it or put it on the website, but is available at the bespoke rate of £325pp AND you can get £40 off your trip for every person you invite. Click here to book.