“Which Indonesia Trip is Right for Me?”2 week Road Trip? 6 week Mega Tour? 10 Day Boat Trip? Here's the lowdown on our Indo Trips

Max Hepworth-Povey

1 year ago in News

The waves in Indonesia are the sort of waves that every surfer should surf at least once in their life. Picture ruler edge lines of swell tapering down coral reef creating perfectly peeling waves, which help perfect your surfing, as you get to practice the same thing over and over again until you collapse or it clicks.

Whether that’s trimming along the wave, you know it won’t close out so you will get that mastered, practicing your bottom to top turns, you rarely have unexpected sections to throw you off, or pulling into your first ever or thousandth tube, it’s quite predictable and certain spots can have the feel of a wave machine.

You may have heard that it’s all big waves on shallow reefs but this isn’t the case for our crew on the ground as we know where to go and when, on certain swells and tides. Even Nusa Lembongan with it’s infamous breaks such as ‘Razors’ and ‘Lacerations’ are a beginner surfers playground on the right tide. Don’t believe me? Read this.

Charlotte at ‘Razors’

Jarred at ‘Razors’ as the tide dropped and swell picked up towards the end of the lesson

All of our Indo trips are completely hassle-free, you just need to get to the airport and all have a very high level and amount of coaching led by our Head of Operations, who is also the South Africa National Junior Surf Team Coach, Chris Bond. You can look forward to your surfing improving more in two weeks than the past two years. Easy.

An example day of surfing in Lombok on the Island Hopping trip consists of two sessions a day for three hours each, filming the whole thing, which we go through over a beer in the evening. It’s intense. However, this type of surfing binge might not be for you, so here’s some honest info on the trips:

Bali Road Trip: 2 weeks

Medewi is the longest wave in the whole of Bali

I actually came up with the idea of this trip after surfing what is still one of my favourite waves in the world; Medewi, as an intermediate surfer which took my surfing to the next level.

The west coast of Bali has incredible waves for intermediate surfers, think sloping faces and friendly barrels if any, with less crowds than the more popular areas down south. The first stop on this trip is Canggu, a full on hipster heaven with the best food on the planet, amazing shopping and fun, mellow waves. We spend three nights here just to get you used to the tropical water, you’ll surf a lot, twice a day if you’re up for it, you’ll do some shopping and let your hair down before getting stuck into the more remote waves up the coast.

The next stop is Balian (conditions depending) which is a really fun and super long rivermouth left hander. Again it’s a sloping wave, so no scary barrels but it’s a long wave which does mean a long paddle out. Then we go to Medewi; a super mellow, really long left hander that breaks for about 500m. It’s so good, you just catch a wave, cruise for what feels like ever, then get out, run up the point, jump back in and do it again. Check our trip leader Jay on this wave where he does about 10 turns.

30th May – 13th June 2020 £1,295 | 8th August – 22nd August 2020 £1,295 More info.

Ultimate Indonesian Adventure – 6 Weeks

Obviously if you have 6 weeks spare, the level of your surfing will go through the roof whether you are a complete beginner or intermediate – advanced surfer. This 6 week tour combines a couple of weeks in Canggu getting to grips with the friendly reef breaks and a few day trips in the van to other spots, withe the Indo Island Hop and the Bali Road Trip. The nature of the tour means you will get the foundations laid down in the first fortnight, before taking it up a notch on the islands, before returning back to Bali to hone your new found skills on the leg burning lefts on the road trip.

2nd May – 13th June 2020 £3,295 | 11th July – 22nd August 2020 £3,295 More info.

Indonesian Surfing Adventure – 4 Weeks

This is our most popular trip which sells out every time. The month combines two weeks based in Bali, surfing the waves the island is famed for, followed by the 2 week Indo Island Hopping Tour.

2nd May – 30th May 2020 £2,295 | 11th July – 8th August 2020 £2,295 More info.

Indonesia Island Hopping: 2 weeks

Inside right in Lombok is the dream wave

This is probably the best trip for the intermediate level surfer who is stuck in a bit of a rut. You will start in Lombok, which has several perfect reef breaks out to see which we take a boat to get to. We have local guides who are extremely well respected and know the bay like the back of their hand so will ensure we go to the spot perfect for the groups ability. The waves themselves are powerful enough to encourage your progression quickly, but aren’t dangerous. They rarely barrel and have more of a curved slope to them as opposed to steep tube! Then you will head to the most beautiful island ever called Nusa Lembongan, where again we take a boat to surf the spots, which are slightly more progressive, but after a week surfing 6 hours a day in Lombok, you are ready for it!

22nd June – 6th July 2020 £1,295 More info


Banyak Island Boat Trip: 12 days

This is the dream surf trip for the intermediate – advanced surfer as the waves are flawless and remote. There are loads of islands with countless waves which we visit depending on swell and it is normal to turn up without another person in sight. Eerie stuff but the waves themselves are a notch up in regards to power and skill-level. To make the most out of the boat trip you would want to be constantly catching left and right hand waves without falling off. The waves here do barrel and you would get the wave of your life, but if your confidence isn’t up, you could miss out of a lot of waves and get frustrated.

15th June – 27th June 2020 £1,795 | 24th August – 5th September 2020 £1,795 More info

For further info on any of the above trips, feel free to drop us a line!