Why We Love South African Summer: January in Cape TownFrom England to Cape Town

Monica Lewis

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I know you don’t need an excuse to plan a surf trip this winter to escape the UK, but if you’re looking for one, here are 10 reasons to take advantage of the South African Summer…

1. The Weather

Let’s start in true British fashion and talk about the weather. The days are getting shorter, it’s time to say goodbye to fresh autumnal days and unwillingly welcome cold, windy winter. But this doesn’t have to be your routine for the next 4 months. Why not swap things up and chase the endless summer (even if it’s just for a bit)? South African summer runs from November-February, so expect beautifully hot, dry, sunny days. With average highs of 29° it’s too tempting to resist.

2. Waves

Let’s be honest, the waves are what we’re all here for. Due to Cape Town’s unique peninsula, throughout the South African Summer months, south easterly winds create amazing offshore conditions in the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic Coast. Then jump over to False Bay and you’ve got a whole new playground in the Indian Ocean. On the Cape Peninsula alone there are over 30 surf spots and waves for all abilities so everyone can get involved! Check out Wavescape for conditions.

3. Food and Drink

Everyone knows that when you’re on holiday you can eat whatever you like and it doesn’t count. South Africa takes eating and drinking to a whole new level, and for very reasonable prices. Famous for their Braai, a bit like a BBQ but better, you’ll have to experience to understand. Pair this with wine tasting in one of Cape Town’s many vineyards or a beer in the hot sun and you’ve got yourself the perfect evening. Make sure you get yourself to Noordhoek winery for a sundowner on a Thursday. You can thank me later.

4. Wildlife

You have traditional African animals on your doorstep and some unconventional ones too. Head Northeast for two hours and you’ll discover Aquila Private Game Reserve. These 10,000 hectares are home to the Big Five – Rhinos, Elephants, Lions, Leopards and Buffalo which were previously on the brink of extinction due to game hunters. Head to Aquila for a day trip or stay overnight for a whole new experience. Don’t miss the chance to see Zebras at the Cape of Good Hope as well. Now onto the unconventional African dweller, the penguin. Join the party at Boulders Beach and prepare to melt from their cuteness but never really shift the confusion of penguins in Africa.


As previously mentioned, the Cape of Good Hope is a great place to see Zebras, but even without this exotic animal it’s definitely worth going for the incredible views. Hiking up table mountain will take you a good 2 hours but you’ll be blown away by the beauty once you reach the top. Besides, you’ll be so surf-fit that that’s basically a walk in the park. Although, if you’re looking for a more cruisey walk and a beer whilst watching the sunset then head to Lion’s head for a spectacle.

6. Sport

It’s time to chill out again whilst watching some local sport and January is cricket season. At this point you’re either really excited or really not, there’s not really a middle ground when it comes to cricket. If it’s the latter then Newlands cricket ground might just change your mind. Imagine lazy days at a unique stadium with a mountain backdrop supporting the South African cricket team, the Proteas, it’s lush.

Photo credit: Sport 360

7. Music

If sport isn’t your thing then check out the music scene. It’s not the first thing you think of but Cape Town is a buzzing city with a fix for every genre. From pop to rock, jazz to acoustic. There’s even the opportunity for an open mic night if you fancy it. Our favourite thing to do on a Sunday is head to the Kirstenbosch National Botanical gardens for a Sunday evening session. Set out a picnic in the shade of Table Mountain and enjoy. You’ll wish every day is a summer Sunday in South Africa.

For more music information check out Cape Town tourism

Photo credit: www.capetownetc.com

8. Community Projects

You’re imagining endless fun at this point, so why not give back to the community and share the love? Cape Town is home to some great charities and community projects that you won’t have to look hard to find something that interests you. Whether it’s building, education or teaching surfing, it’s covered. Check out Waves for Change for an insight into just one of the charities working to help the community in Cape Town.

“W4C provides a child-friendly mental health service to at-risk youth living in unstable communities. Through access to safe spaces, caring mentors, and a provision of weekly Surf Therapy sessions, W4C gives children skills to cope with stress, regulate behaviour, build healing relationships, and make positive life choices.”

9. Flights

We’ve skipped ahead a bit though. It’s obvious now that Cape Town has so much to offer, but you also need to get there first. This is where it all gets a little bit sweeter with flight prices. Normally a stress and big expense of your trip, but the beauty of Cape Town is that you can fly there direct from Heathrow or Gatwick in under 12 hours. No longer do you have to sit in an airport on a long layover trying not to look at the food you just can’t afford. Let’s double up on the good news too, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It’s cheaper than Indo and there are constant deals too. Check out Jack’s Flight Club – they love a good South Africa flight deal almost as much as we do!

10. The Potential for a Road Trip

You’ve made it here, you’ve experienced the epic lifestyle of Cape Town and your wanderlust cannot be contained. This amazing South African city is the perfect gateway to an epic road trip. Why not join us on an immense 10 week road trip travelling 1000 miles along the coast to Durban, exploring places you couldn’t even dream of and surfing world class surf spots such as Jeffreys Bay. You can even pass your surf instructor and lifeguard training along the way, setting you up for the ‘real world’ of work when you return – but it can hardly be classed as work when it’s living the dream.

How could we not love Cape Town?

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