Five Non Surf Reasons to Go to Costa RicaBecause the Lion King told you to.

Hakuna matata. This enviably wise way of life that our flatulent friends in the Lion King live by is synonymous with the most commonly used phrase in Costa Rica“Pura vida”. Pura vida translates to “Pure life”. Put simply, it means enjoying life and being happy, something that the relaxed Costa Ricans have got dialled.

Maybe it’s due to the lack of a national army, tourist-based economy and focus on keeping beaches, parks and other public areas safe and clean. These combined make it the safest country in Central America. Or maybe it’s due to the incredible surf breaking on beautiful sandy beaches, shadowed by tropical rain-forests full of exotic wildlife.

Hakuna matata, what a wonderful phrase. Hakuna matata, it ain’t no passing phrase. It means no worries for the rest of your days. It’s our problem free philosophy. Hakuna matataaaa. – Timon & Pumbaa

Whatever makes up the Pura Vida lifestyle in Costa Rica, it has to be experienced to be understood. The term “Paradise” is thrown around in the surf tourism industry too often, but in Costa Rica, it’s the real deal. However there’s more to Costa Rica than it’s idyllic environment, laid back lifestyle and epic surf. So here are five other reasons why Costa Rica needs to be your next surf trip destination:

1. Rude Awakenings:

Imagine waking every day to what can only be described as a loud, deep, guttural cry or howl. You may think something really bad is happening, but don’t panic. This sinister sound is actually the harmless method of communication from peaceful Howler Monkeys. They tend to enjoy howling at around 5am and 4pm for a few hours and the howl is intended tell other ‘Howlers’ not to come near their patch. This boisterous species are also set off by other loud noises such as heavy rain, cars, motorbikes and people.

Don’t tell these beasts to pipe down. They won’t unless they are sleeping, which is for about 15 hours a day. And don’t try to pet them or shoo them away, they are known to casually pee on human pests.

2. Lizano Sauce:

This stuff is absolutely delicious and goes on everything; eggs, rice, chicken, fish, basically anything savoury. I’d probably spread it on toast TBF. Lizano Sauce is like liquid crack and very moreish. I have no idea what it contains and haven’t looked at the back of the bottle as I assume it’s laced with MSG. I don’t even know even how the smokey, sweet, tangy flavour works. But I do know that whenever I get back from Costa Rica every year it plagues my thoughts for a unnatural amount of time. I hate it but love it at the same time and it always keeps me coming back for more.

3. Flor de Cana Rum:

This is one of the best rums in the World. It comes from Nicaragua, which means it comes across the border in abundance and a bottle will set you back around $5. Flor de Cana Rum is served best with fresh coconut water over ice after a 2 hour sunset surf.

But consider this your warning: it is extremely good stuff and could easily be mistaken for a morning juice. Drink responsibly.

4. Free Love:

Among some of the coastal dwellings such as Santa Teresa and Mal Pais, there’s this ‘Frisco in the late 60’s peace vibe. Not like one big orgy, but more of a hub of liberal views and free expression. It comes from eclectic people who reject consumerist values with little interest in politics. Instead, they’re more concerned more with art, music, painting, poetry, yoga and meditation.

It’s lovely stuff and you can feel the love at every turn.

5. Don Jon (bonus):

Don Jon is the lovely looking bloke below. He’s the owner of Don Jon’s, the surf camp where we base our Costa Rica trips. I seriously think this guy is Buddha reincarnated. Always mellow, always happy and content, he doesn’t speak loads, yet somehow, you’ll still have incredible conversations with him. He’ll slowly pick his words, usually a profound statement or series of questions, tThen he’ll let you figure things out / ramble / moan with no judgment. He is a living legend, who you must meet if you’re in Costa Rica.