Sri Lanka Cranking!Epic start to our Sri Lanka season

We’ve had an epic start to our Sri Lanka season scoring perfect waves with glorious weather on both the East and West Coast during our Coast to Coast Tour.

We started in Arugam Bay, the small fishing village which put Sri Lanka on the map for surfers all around the World. The 500m rides at ‘Main Point’ offered the intermediate surfers (and our Trip Leaders in their down time) some incredible rides, but it was the perfect sand bottom points at Whiskey Point and Pottuvil Point, combined with attentive coaching from our local team, which left an imprint on our crew and some smiles that are still gleaming a week later.



After a week of sunrise surfs, epic food, mellow afternoon yoga and some unique extra activities we headed across the country through national parks (getting held up by a massive Elephant for a short while) to our next stop Ahangama.

We arrived literally on the last day of the rainy season during a ferocious tropical storm, which by chance had cleared up when we woke up for breakfast and were greeted to beautiful waves, no wind and the balmy weather we had become accustomed to on the East Coast. The locals were praising our arrival as they hadn’t seen this combo of conditions in months.

The first week has been a surf bender. Surfing twice a day, complimented by at least one yoga class to sooth our aching shoulders. The waves here are different to the perfectly groomed points in Arugam where our instructors pushed the group into countless mellow right handers, which peel with precision for at least 200m, then you walk across the beach and join the cue for another one. But the extra paddling at the different beaches and reef breaks here in the South West Coast has built strength and confidence in our crew who are now all catching their own waves and are ripping.

As the old saying goes, pictures speak a thousand words so I’ll just let these shots from the epic Gwilym Thomas do the talking.