20 Photos to Convince You Costa Rica is The Best Surf Trip EverMind surf these 20 Photos of Costa Rica

Lucy Theobald

3 years ago in Costa Rica

Sometimes we talk to much about stuff and lose sense of a moment. Sometimes it’s just better to be silent, take a deep breath in and observe your surroundings. The chances are you’ll look at the following 20 photos at your desk, cuppa in hand. These 20 photos are a scrapbook of other people’s moments in Costa Rica. But hopefully, these images with convince you the wrap yourself within the palm trees and waves of Costa Rica and make sense of these surroundings for yourself.

Palm Trees shape the Landscapes of this Tropical Paradise


Trip Leader Max Hepworth-Povey making time stand still in the cranking beach breaks.


An average sunset overlooking Playa Santa Teresa


You might not find Kale in Costa Rica but there are a  host of other wholesome to fuel your surfs.


When you practice Yoga in the treehouse, chances are one of these pesky little creatures will be watching you


Sunset snaps snapped in a shapshot.


This pretty much captures the colourful energy of this country and its inhabitants


The line up


A post surf coconut fresh from the palms with set you back a dollar


Max H-P on an absolute bomb!


Another day, another sunset. This time accompanied by a cocktail.


When you’re out in the surf you can gaze out into the sea or towards this magical backdrop


The breakfast menu consists of barrels and the best burrito you will ever have.


This is your daily commute


If we cant covince you with colour photos, we’ll change it to black and white to make it marginally more captivating


Cabana life is the life we like.


The Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica boasts endless blue flag beaches. Their tirelessness of the Costa Ricans to protect the environment is what makes this surf destination a sustainable choice.


One of the best things about Costa Rica is it’s rich biodiversity and cute little animals.


A glimpse of paradise


If this has anyway enticed you into considering a hop over the pond and landing in Costa Rica then have a look at our surf trips departing in February/March next year. Limited availability so snap it while its hot.

Mad camera skills are all credit to Lewis Harrison-Pinder. Indulge in more aesthtically pleasing pics by following @tickettoridegroup and @pindygram