Siargao Island

An uncrowded surfing paradise

Siargao Island

With over 15 breaks situated around the small town of General Luna in Siargao, the Surf Camp is set up for all abilities. Whether you're dipping your toes into the world of surfing and looking to master the basics, or you're an intermediate surfer looking to escape to crystal clear waters and push your surfing to the next level, Siargao is the surf destination for you! Our Philippines surf adventures will give you the chance to experience life in the surf capital of the Philippines and all this surfing paradise has to offer.

Experience the country's magical zen, serene beauty, friendly people and immaculate waves suitable for all levels of surfer.


A strong essence of surf culture lies in Siargao following its discovery by a few surf pioneers and photographers in the early 80s. The infamous heavy barrelling right hander known as Cloud 9 put Siargao firmly on the global map after it was named and photographed by John Callahan in 1992. Callahan named the spot after the local "Cloud 9" no-melt chocolate bar that they used to buy in General Luna to fuel their surfs. Ever since, a plethora of waves have been discovered and there seems to be no slowing down on new discoveries...

Paddling out for a sunrise session and finding only you and your friends on a peak is a daily occurance. With less competition in the water and no hostility of drop ins, it lets you relax in the water and focus your mind on your surf.

Trip Stops & Accommodation

Whether you're your joining us for the 2 Week 'Surf & Explore' Camp, or the 3-Week 'Coast to Coast', we have hand-picked some incredible accommodation for your stay.

General Luna is the funky little town where we base ourselves for the 2 Week 'Surf & Explore', as well as the first 2-Weeks of the 'Coast to Coast' trip. It is home to a seriously chill vibe, which we're sure you'll grow to love. During the days you're free to walk the empty beaches, embrace a hammock and good book, or jump on a bike and check out the market and its various foody delights (the coconut bread is a must). We want you to embrace all this island has to offer so rest assured we'll be taking you on a few fun excursions both on land and sea throughout the trip.

Kawili Resort is our home for this leg of the trip. The word “Kawili” is a Visayan word meaning “a nostalgic feeling of affection”. When people say that they have Kawili for a place it means they miss it and want to go back there. We hope that this is how you will feel after staying with us here.

The resort features various cottages, all with WiFi, AirCon and other amenities. The large relaxing lounging area has a swimming pool and billiards table, the perfect place to kick back with new friends after a good surf.

Pacifico is where we spend Week 3 of the 'Coast to Coast' adventure, tucked away in the North of Siargao Island with a stretching white sand beach - the quaint, authentic bay of Pacifico first became well known among surfers on the quest for uncharted territory. 

Bamboo Garden Resort is our home for the week, located between the natural landscape of the coconut plantation and the ocean. With no neighbour in sight, it's is the perfect place to watch the waves roll in and the sunrise from your terrace. A five-minute stroll along the beach will have you arrive in the local barangay (village), the heart and soul of Pacifico, with the local BBQ and a sea of smiling faces and curious children.

Other Activities

  • ISLAND HOPPING TOUR - Following a morning surf, we'll tour to the local islands, snorkelling along the way and BBQ our catch of the day! This trip is always in the first few days and really helps build solid friendships for the rest of the trip.
  • SUGBA LAGOON - A short drive from General Luna, we travel by boat into this spectacular lagoon nestled between the Mountains. Sugba boasts a 87 hectare area and maintains one of the largest mangrove forests in the Philippines. Within the Lagoon we relax, jump off the diving board and have a swim, followed by a second trip to a lunch stop at one of the most beautiful isolated island in the heart of the ocean. 
  • SIARGAO INTERNATIONAL SURF CUP - This event is subject to Wave Conditions, but if nature aligns you'll see some of the Philippines' best surfers compete at Cloud 9 in the Siargao National Surf Cup. The atmosphere is electric with street performances, food stalls and good vibes all round. 
  • MANGROVES SUP LAGOON TOUR - The Mangroves of the North are tranquil and different to Sugba Lagoon. With a SUP each, we tour through the water in search of wildlife. 
  • LOCAL FILIPINO MASSAGE - After a few days of solid surfing, relax and soothe your muscles with a local massage.
  • DIVING / FREE DIVING: Take dive tours throughout the island from Siargao’s Coral Sanctuary, to Shipwrecks. Get your diving certifications while on the island. Palaka Dive Center also offers a Surf Survival Training Course which we highly recommend. 

Trips to Siargao Island

Siargao Surf & Explore 2 weeks Siargao Island Self Catered

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Aloha vibes in a Filipino surfing utopia

Coast to Coast Siargao Surf Adventure3 weeks Siargao Island Self Catered

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Spend three week's surfing tropical waves in the Filipino surf capital - Siargao Island.

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