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Banyak Islands Boat Trip

Perfect tropical waves with no crowds..

11 June 2022, 23 August 2022 12 Days Indonesia

4x4 Mozambique Surf Adventure

Explore undiscovered surf spots in enigmatic Mozambique!

20 November 2021 3 Weeks Mozambique

Sri Lanka Surf & Yoga Camp

Spend two weeks in the South West Coast of Sri Lanka, surfing a variety of reef and beach breaks, complimented with surf specific yoga classes, fuelled by tremendously tasty and colourful curries.

9 October 2021 2 Weeks Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay Surfari

If you want to experience the best waves in Sri Lanka, with Local Legend and Pro TTR Surf Coaches, this Arugam Bay Surfari is the perfect mini tropical surf trip for you.

2 October 2021 1 Week Sri Lanka

Coast to Coast Sri Lanka Surf Adventure

Travel from the East to West Coast of Sri Lanka - surf, yoga, eat, explore, repeat.

2 October 2021 3 Weeks Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Surf Instructor Course & Adventure

We've combined the 4-week tour with the 1-week ISA Surf Instructor Course, to create our ultimate Sri Lanka Adventure and Instructor Course!

2 October 2021 5 Weeks Sri Lanka

4 Week Sri Lanka Tour

This is the ultimate tour of Sri Lanka, spending three weeks surfing both the West and East Coast, followed by a week traveling through the beautiful Hill Country, visiting tea plantations, temples and climbing the sacred 5,000ft pilgrimage up ‘ Adam’s Peak.

2 October 2021 4 Weeks Sri Lanka

Ultimate Surf Instructor Course and Adventure

The crème de la crème of Ticket to Ride's offering

11 September 2021, 22 January 2022 13 Weeks South Africa

The Original South Africa Surf Adventure

An unforgettable surfing adventure...

11 September 2021, 22 January 2022 10 Weeks South Africa

South Africa and Mozambique Surf Adventure

An action-packed surf adventure.

11 September 2021, 22 January 2022 13 Weeks South Africa

Bali Road Trip

Get out of the tourist trap and score the longest waves of your life!

7 August 2021 2 Weeks Indonesia

South African Road Trip

Ride the peak swell season in the surfing Mecca of South Africa

10 July 2021 6 Weeks South Africa

4 Week Indonesia Surf Adventure

Are you prepared to take your surfing to the next level?

10 July 2021 4 Weeks Indonesia

Ultimate 6 Week Indonesia Surf Adventure

Enjoy the full Indonesian experience with no hassle and a touch of class...

10 July 2021 6 Weeks Indonesia

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